Lagging Indicators


“Dahlberg seamlessly combines … a romance novel and a financial thriller—and imbues the result with suspense and emotional depth.”—Kirkus Reviews

It’s October 2009 and thirty-five-year-old Mia Lewis is an independent woman at the top of her game. Sharp, attractive and the only senior female executive at Atlas Capital, she survived Wall Street during the worst financial crisis in modern history. Devoted to her job, Mia always fights for what she thinks is best for the firm—until one false move ushers her spectacular downfall.

Disgraced and broke, Mia escapes to a crumbling cottage in upstate New York to repair her reputation and plot her comeback. Alone and threatened by lasting unemployment, she risks becoming what she has always feared: a failure. But a chance encounter with a handsome single dad ignites feelings and a sense of longing that Mia had intentionally buried. As she begins to consider a new life—one away from the stress and excess of Wall Street—the past comes calling in an unexpected way.

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Uptown and Down


My debut novel explores the headstrong ambitions and fragile dreams of a couple on top-and their drive for success, which tests the limits of privilege, love, and friendship in the most provocative of ways…

Nora Deschamps is an editor at a chic women’s fashion magazine. Her husband Jeff Montgomery owns an independent record label that’s edging into a mega-bucks hip-hop phenomenon. Tracked as one of New York Magazine’s “25 Most Exciting Couples Under Forty,” Nora and Jeff appear to have it all. But their future is about to be shaken, by Nora’s on-the-rise career that’s taking an intimate toll on their lives, by a crime that Jeff is powerless to prevent, and ultimately by the secret of a long-ago indiscretion and the revenge that now threatens all they’ve strived to achieve. From the uptown high-life to the downside of love, betrayal, and long-standing lies, Nora and Jeff must now fight harder than ever to learn the meaning of trust.

Published in 2005 by Penguin/NAL.